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We all know how hard losing weight can be, and often times we start with high expectations and are going strong, only to fizzle out by the end of the week. We lose that weight loss inspiration that is so important to shedding those pounds and keeping them off. Luckily, if you lose a little inspiration, there are ways to get it back, and here we go over a few ideas to help you stay motivated and have fun. 

#1: Choose a Medical Weight Loss Plan

Medical weight loss is a great way to keep you inspired because the results are proven and it shows that you take it seriously. Getting the professionals involved will help hold you accountable and you will have a plan that is customized for you to follow. Nothing will be left up to guesswork and this can make the entire process much easier. Plus, you can lose weight quickly with plans like the HCG diet that needs to be done under professional supervision. When you lose those first pounds fast, then you will find that seeing results will push to continue forward. 

#2: Look to Your Favorite Celebrity 

Paying attention to celebrity weight loss is another wonderful way to get inspired. When you see others succeeding then it motivates you to not give up. You can look at before and after pictures, and even hang them up on your fridge if you find that they always give you that extra punch of energy. 

#3: Keep a Food Journal

When you are looking for weight loss inspiration, then try putting everything down on paper from each morsel you eat to the emotions you feel as you go through the process. You don’t have to immediately go through a major surgery to lose weight because you have tried in the past and still aren’t at your goal weight. There is a reason why dieting is better than weight loss surgery, so you should always try to lose those pounds with a customized diet plan first. 

#4: Treat Yourself When You Do a Good Job

You should always pat yourself on the back when you have those small victories, but just make sure that you don’t do it with food! Get a massage or buy a new outfit, and put it on the calendar so that you know what you are striving for. 

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